Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice!

I always re-read my previous post before writing my new post. I like to think what was happening in my life when I wrote it, where I wrote it, what time of the day etc. and gosh, SO much has changed since my last post. I love that about life, one minute something is so important to you, the next you can barely remember what you were fretting about. However, bittersweet that may be.

Firstly, I’m an Auntie to a beautiful bundle of glitter and fairy dust. She is perfect and delicious, all I want to do is maul her face with kisses all day long. Although, she is the biggest time waster and I photograph her like she’s going out of fashion. Yes, I’m turning into one of those annoying people who wants to show everyone and anyone how cute my niece is. The storage on my phone is running out swiftly! But she’s so worth it. Honestly.

Secondly, I’m back at university for my last, first semester. My dissertation is in full swing and third year is incredible stressful already, but this is what I expected.

There have been so many things over the past two months that I’ve been meaning to blog, from dinners at yummy restaurants such as, The Wolseley, The Caviar House, Benito’s Hat and so on, to my weekend at LFW with my best friend seeing KTZ! I’ve been a rubbish blogger and promise to get better. Starting with my review of Gone Girl, which I’m aiming to finish by Friday as I’m desperate to see the film. Have any of you seen it or read the book? I’ve heard the film is meant to be fantastic.

I hope you’re all well and enjoyed the end of the summer. All those starting their dissertation, good luck! All those who have finished their dissertation or didn’t do one, I’m green with envy.

Take care,
B x


Don’t Search So Hard For Happiness…

On this rainy and dare I say, wintery bank holiday Monday, I have been thinking about rather morbid and mundane things. Dark I know! With the recent deaths of Lord Richard Attenborough and Robin Williams RIP, which I am so unbelievably sad about. Alongside reading my Zen Life book, I have been assessing my own life.

I always used to think that I’d live a short life. I could never imagine myself as a little old lady with silver hair and a companion in the shape of a small dog, I could barely imagine my wedding day, or the colour of my children’s hair. I think this is the main reason I thought I wouldn’t live to be a ripe old age, I’m not very good at envisioning my future. Or if I attempt to, I get into a blind panic as I mentioned in my previous post. I worry who will still be in my life, or who will be a distant memory of milestones in my life. People aren’t things, you can’t own or keep them. But then I remind myself, life is messy, it’s not meant to run smoothly that’s part of the thrill and excitement. Happiness is what matters and if you find it, hold onto it. It is rarely big, bold and boisterous. It is found in sunsets, kisses, bare feet and freckles on your nose. Laughable, but very true.

I know some of this is a pessimistic view on life, but I think death does that to people, makes you evaluate your own life. Your own wants and desires. But then again, you’re still human, we are all afraid of the unknown. So, in light of all this, I’ve compiled a bucket list. Thinks I hope to do before the age of 30, for those of you who know me, yes, I do have a complex about turning 30! Don’t ask me why! So, here goes…

1. Learn a language, so I can cope with having a conversation
2. Go to nearly every capital city in Europe
3. Stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden
4. Get through all the films in ‘film club’
5. Go on a protest march for something I am passionate about
6. Get my motorbike license
7. Go to Ibiza on a mad holiday with all my closest friends
8. Go to Glastonbury
9. Hot air-balloon over somewhere beautiful
10. Visit Las Vegas and Los Angeles, more of America basically

Life is all about choosing, choose the things that matter, with the people that matter, because when it comes down to it. All you’ll be left with is the memories.

As an RIP to both the men that have recently died, my family and I are going to watch Mrs Doubtfire (one of my favourite films, ever) tonight and Gandhi another evening this week. Two extremely talented men!




Hope you’re having a lovely bank holiday, definitely a duvet day!

Take care,
B x

Summer Reading List…

Isn’t this sunshine amazing? I can’t get enough of it! Although there is always the dilemma of what to wear, too warm for thick jeans, too cool for little summer dresses. But my Topshop, Mom jeans similar to these, but more cropped, (minus the rips, as I bought them last year in the sale!) I also wore my purple silk shirt from Zara today. Oh and of course my lovely linen tops from Whistles are so good for this warmer weather. Tied together with a statement necklace and converse.

Anyway, the point of my post today is a summer reading list, as it feels as if summer is in full swing due to the beautiful sunshine and that a lot of you are jetting off on holiday. Myself included, yipeeeeey!

1. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Dr. Maya Angelou – because of her recent death I came across some of her poetry and quotes, all of which are so raw and honest about life. You know when you read something and you’re like, “YES, you get me!” I felt like that about all nearly all of the things she so eloquently wrote. So I’m going to give her autobiography a read on holiday, it’s been rated four and a half out of five, so I’m hoping it lives up to it.




2. The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psychoanalysis (Popular Fictions Series) by Barbara Creed – the terrible events that are happening in Nigeria made me think a lot more about Feminism (I also read loads of article that the Guardian published online about it all, which fuelled my interest even more) and how far we’ve come, but still have a huge amount to over come too. One of my modules at university has been on women, gender and power, so this has fuelled me too. The Suffragettes were amazing ladies!


3. The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us about Truth, Love & the Meaning of Life by Alison Gopnik – my sister is expecting a little bundle of joy, so I thought I’d give this book a go. I’ve always been interested in Freudian views of children and how they view the world. So this seemed to fit the bill!


I’ll let you guys know how I get on with the books and give some reviews.

Take care,

B x

An Evening with Van Gogh

I am lucky enough to have a group of close friends, which have, or are going into, an array of exciting and unconventional careers. Monday evening was a prime example of their crazy lives. I was invited to an exhibition at Gallery 8, on Duke Street in Saint James, London. Now, for those of you that have never ventured down Duke Street, it is an art connoisseur’s dream! Stacks of galleries, art history book stores, sculptures, exhibitions etc. all in one dreamy place.

I met my friends first of all at Aprés bar opposite Selfridges, we probably sounded like a group of hens to everyone else around us, as we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. Therefore, had A LOT of catching up to do. After all the excitement we then jumped into a taxi and were on our way. After one last spurt of perfume, we made our way inside to view the stunning, abstract artwork. It was a lovely evening, bumping into people I hadn’t seen for years. The exhibition was one I really recommend going to see, even just to experience some unusual, creativity, which is influenced by Van Gogh.

After the display, 30 of us went to Matsuri in Saint James for dinner, which was to die for. If you love Japanese food, you cannot beat it. However, the bill was not a pretty sight, one I shall be paying for, for the rest of the month. But it was so worth it, the sushi platter is delicious and you get to watch the Michelin star chefs cook on the hotplate in front of you. Remember to take your camera as you’ll definitely be in awe of some of their tricks or even be able to help them cook.

The main reason for my post was my outfit for the evening, which I want to share with you guys. The dress-code was smart/casual – which is one of the most difficult dress-codes to dress for. So, I opted for…

My new black, jumpsuit from Whistles. It is one of the comfiest outfits, it’s smart, but something you can dress up and down. Another reason why I love it is because I have quite a large bust, so I’m always weary of strapless clothing. But it is made of high quality fabric so, is very secure and shows off an hourglass figure perfectly. I dressed it down with my leather jacket, also from Whistles, as I didn’t want to be too dressy. I recently bought some white, block heel sandals from Zara, which really rubbed my toes but they looked cute. No pain, no gain and all. To tie it all together I used my white-croc-clutch bag again, from Whistles to match in with my white shoes. Then to finish off the outfit I wore minimal jewellery, my B necklace, watch from Georg Jenson and McQueen cuff. Here are some of my photos of what it all looked like. (Sorry, I didn’t take a photograph of the outfit together, I was in such a rush and almost missed my train!)

IMG_3446 IMG_3483 IMG_3481 IMG_3480 IMG_3479 IMG_3478 IMG_3469 IMG_3432

This weather is gorgeous at the moment, but is distracting me so much from university assignments and revision. It seems my mind has gone into summer mode when I’m not quite there yet. Only five weeks left of second year, then I’m free until September, how time flies!! Are you all enjoying the sun?

Hope you had a great week and are enjoying a relaxing Easter weekend eating an absurd amount of chocolate eggs.

B x

PS. excuse the messy room in the photograph!

Spring-Time Spurges!

Do you ever get transfixed on an item of clothing? You think, ah if only I had… It would go with this, this, this, oh and this. I am terrible for this kind of thing, every three months I seem to get a bee in my bonnet about a pair of shoes, coat, skirt etc. which I think will literally, change my life. 

So I ‘invested’ (I say invested to make myself feel better!) in two skirts, a white shirt, a pair of loafers and a YSL lipgloss. All of which, I am so excited to wear and use. 


Bubblegum Pink Skirt – Zara, £29.99 – I’ve made a conscious decision to start wearing more skirts. I wear them all the time at work, so I don’t know why I was so nervous about wearing one as an everyday outfit. I like this skirt as it’s quite bold, especially for me, I’m rarely seen in any other colour bar black. It’s so diverse, you could team it up with a white shirt, plain cotton tee and sandals, a big coat, wooly tights and boots or little turtle neck. It’s great for any season, adding colour in the winter or keeping bright in the summer, I’m very excited to wear it out! Eeeek.


White V-neck Shirt – Zara, £29.99 – You can’t really go wrong with a white shirt, it goes with everything. From jeans and trainers to a leather pencil skirt and heels. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and I’m quite surprised I didn’t have one. It’s a statement piece, which is so wearable, every season and every year. 


Purple and Red Lace Skirt – Zara, £39.99 – Again, as I said I’m trying to get into more skirts. So took the plunge and bought two in one day. I love the colours and I really like the length, just on your knee. I think I’ll be able to team it with a lot of things I already own in my wardrobe and it is also so comfy, which is a massive bonus. Would look really sweet with black heeled sandals and a little tee with a statement necklace. 


Black Patent Loafers – Boutique, £16.99 – I had a pair of loafers, which I wore to absolute death, to the point where they were falling apart. So, I decided I needed a replacement as I’ve felt quite lost without my old ones, and boy, have I missed wearing loafers. They’re unbelievably comfy as have a spongy innersole. I got them from a little boutique just off of Camden high street, for that price such a steal! 


YSL Lipgloss, Rouge Velours – Boots, £21 – I’ve always wanted to get into red lipstick. I think it looks amazing on some people, sophisticated, elegant, sexy and very 1950s! Therefore, I thought why not try and incorporate it into your makeup box, it’s a gloss as I thought I’d try this first before jumping in the deep in with a lipstick. I’ll let you know how I get on. 


I am now broke, as you can image! I’ll let you guys know how I get on with all of my new purchases, I haven’t even tried any of them on. Knowing my luck they won’t suit me, haha. Have you guys splurged over anything this month? Or are you being more sensible than me? 

I hope you had a great weekend. 

Take care,

B x

A Silent World


After watching This Morning, this morning, I felt compelled to write a blog post about Joanne Milne. Joanne was born profoundly deaf, it wasn’t until she was two-years-old when her mother was clapping in the garden, and Joanne didn’t react that they knew something was wrong. She was later diagnosed with having Usher Syndrome, and went on to attend a specialised deaf school until the age of seven, she then attended a mainstream school where there was a deaf unit attached to it. Joanne underwent speech therapy lessons, she learnt to lip-read to an extremely high standard and various lip patterns to try to speak in a similar way to those who are able to hear.

As I’ve mentioned before, my twin brother, Frazer has a high-pitch hearing loss, so this interview, of course hit home. My brother underwent the same operation for a cochlear implant, when he was just five-years old. This operation has enabled him to hear like you or I. Although his preferred way of communication is Sign Language, as hearing for him is something that takes a great deal of concentration. Watching the video of Joanne hearing for the first time, made my family and I feel so emotional, as we could relate to it. After my brother was implanted, the doctor was tapping a toy car on the table. For the first time, Frazer turned around to the doctor, put his finger to his mouth and went, ‘shhhh!’ as you can imagine my mother was in tears. As Milne said in her interview with Holly and Phil, ‘words cannot describe how overwhelming it was to hear for the first time.’ 

Joanne came across as such a lovely and bubbly lady. She tries not to see her disabilities as negative. It was interesting to get an insight from someone who hasn’t been able to hear for nearly 40-years, highlighting just how much we take for granted; sounds such as – your own breathing, a ticking clock, the birds and radio playing. Unfortunately, with her Usher Syndrome means she is also going blind, which is devastating. This is why she decided to take the big step to have an implant, so that she will no longer live in a silent world.

Here’s the link so you can watch her hearing for the first time, 

I need to be more appreciative of what I have, we take these things such as – hearing, sight, smell etc. all for granted. I have been amazed and inspired by her and my brother! I hope you are too.

I’m off to start writing my university, manifesto on pornography. Yes, I did just write pornography, I love my degree. Haha.

Hope you’re having a good week.

Take care,

B x

Maybe, he’s just not that into you…

Eye-contact is one of my favourite things. I think it tells you a lot about someone, especially in a romantic sense. The buzz of looking at someone across the road, exchanging flirty glances, then one of you gets more embarrassed than the other, looks away and the spell is broken. But before you know it, you’ve swapped numbers and are in a taxi on the way to your first date. With some people you have that immediate connection, with others you don’t, that’s why it is one of the most exciting feelings.

So, where does it all go wrong? A question frequently asked by women trying to understand a man’s logic. Is it mind games? Or is he genuinely not interested in you? Which, is always hard to stomach.

Where do you go from here then, you’ve had what you thought were a brilliant few dates, michelin star restaurants, countless cocktails, you’ve talked about in-depth and personal things, laughed and joked, shared a number of texts and phone-calls then, BAM. He’s no longer calling you, he’s no longer texting you, he’s appears no longer to be interested. Now, I KNOW questions are going round in your mind such as – ‘What did I do wrong?‘ ‘Was it something I said?‘ The answer to those questions, NO, NOTHING. Do not convince yourself that it was you. Even though you feel like the common dominator. There’s only one thing left to do in these kind of situations, call your best friends and go out boozing until you forget your own name. But PLEASE, please, whatever you do, do NOT drunk text or call him. It will only end in tears, probably yours. He’ll either be thinking you’re more of a fruit loop than originally thought, or he’ll just outright reject you and not respond, I’m not sure which is worse. But you’ll be left feeling sh*t and nursing a hangover. A lethal cocktail.

Take control of yourself, you don’t need someone to cook you dinner, play with your hair and tell you you’re pretty. It’s his loss and clearly his insecurity, do you honestly want someone that flaky and full of bullsh*t in your life? No. So, maybe it was a lucky escape. However, I know you’re probably feeling deflated at the moment. But it’s all about learning what you want and what you don’t want from a relationship. As I mentioned in my Fixing a Broken Heart. Women always assume a man has to be in control of what the relationship is going to be, and if it’s not what YOU want then why on earth are you putting up with it? I hate to sound cliché but there are PLENTY of other gorgeous men out there waiting to take you on a date. Don’t settle. If you’re feeling particularly soft and don’t want to let this go yet, maybe set him a deadline. He has until this date, this time, and if he hasn’t contacted me by then, then I’m deleting his number. Or I’m going to play ridiculously hard to get. See if he’s up for the challenge.

But maybe, he’s just not that into you…

What have you learnt from this?

1. Don’t be so available, you have a life and don’t need to fit into his schedule. If he doesn’t stick around and want to wait for you, then that tells you everything you need to know.

2. Nearly all men, tell women exactly what they want to hear. One of my favourite quotes – ‘Men fall in love with what they see, women fall in love with what they hear. That’s why women wear makeup and men lie.’ 

3. Enjoy yourself, go and do whatever you want to. Nothing is more attractive then someone who is happy within their own skin.

4. Work out what you want, and try to stick to it. I know that doesn’t necessarily work if you fall madly in love with someone, when all you were looking for was a fling. But sometimes going with an outline helps you decide what you’re willing to put up with.




Exams are fast approaching, so I’m off to focus on some revision and going for a run to clear my head. As I always say, exercise is great at making you feeling better. I hope my advice helped a little! Who needs a man when you have best friends and a puppy dog who utterly adore you.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.

Take care,

B x