Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice!

I always re-read my previous post before writing my new post. I like to think what was happening in my life when I wrote it, where I wrote it, what time of the day etc. and gosh, SO much has changed since my last post. I love that about life, one minute something is so important to you, the next you can barely remember what you were fretting about. However, bittersweet that may be.

Firstly, I’m an Auntie to a beautiful bundle of glitter and fairy dust. She is perfect and delicious, all I want to do is maul her face with kisses all day long. Although, she is the biggest time waster and I photograph her like she’s going out of fashion. Yes, I’m turning into one of those annoying people who wants to show everyone and anyone how cute my niece is. The storage on my phone is running out swiftly! But she’s so worth it. Honestly.

Secondly, I’m back at university for my last, first semester. My dissertation is in full swing and third year is incredible stressful already, but this is what I expected.

There have been so many things over the past two months that I’ve been meaning to blog, from dinners at yummy restaurants such as, The Wolseley, The Caviar House, Benito’s Hat and so on, to my weekend at LFW with my best friend seeing KTZ! I’ve been a rubbish blogger and promise to get better. Starting with my review of Gone Girl, which I’m aiming to finish by Friday as I’m desperate to see the film. Have any of you seen it or read the book? I’ve heard the film is meant to be fantastic.

I hope you’re all well and enjoyed the end of the summer. All those starting their dissertation, good luck! All those who have finished their dissertation or didn’t do one, I’m green with envy.

Take care,
B x



I love Southbank. I think it’s one of the most exciting parts of London. There is so much to do there, the array of galleries, graffiti, bars, architecture and exhibitions are my idea of heaven. Not to mention it all being sat on the river thames. For my birthday I was a lucky bunny and was taken to the Strength & Vulnerability Bunker at the Royal Festival Hall. It was not like anything I had ever seen before, the exhibition was created by a young prisoner, consisting of art created by offenders, secure patients and detainees.

Some of the inmates have such an extraordinary talent. A lot of the art could have been displayed in The Tate or National Gallery it was that amazing. It really highlighted that one seriously wrong choice can turn your life upside down. There is an extremely fine line between sanity and insanity. I can only relate to this in the way that- whenever I go on holiday and stand on the hotel balcony that’s on say, the 8th floor. I sometimes get the urge to jump off, not in a suicidal way at all. Just what would happen? But it’s then your rational thought that brings you back to reality and tells you that it’s not a good idea.

We were given a form to fill in at the end of our favourite piece and why. The card was then given back to the prisoners so they could receive feedback about their artwork. Part of me felt really sad walking around and seeing how skilled some of these people are, and how they have wasted so much of their lives due to their wrong action.

But then, as my mother always says, “we may not have the ability to control our emotions, but we have the ability to control our actions.” – yes, she’s a wise lady.

After the exhibition we walked along the river and had a drink (a gin and tonic was calling). It was so lovely! Then I took a long look at the book market. Six, 10 foot tables covered in books! Ahhh. Then to top the day off we went for a yummy dinner and a few cocktails at Burger and Lobster, in Mayfair. Another must-go in London, similar concept to Bubbledogs. I was uncomfortably full afterwards though, but again, it was so worth it.

My best friend has just arrived down from Nottingham, as a surprise!! So we’re off for a Sunday lunch together at The Windmill, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll let you know how the food is. God, I’m having the best birthday and it’s not even my birthday!

Hope you have a great weekend and don’t get blown away by this storm.

Take care,

B x