When in Florence…

When I think of romance, I immediately think of Italy. Narrow streets, couples riding Vespas, plant pots on Juliett balconies, sharing ice creams and cigarettes, the sweet smell of garlic lingering on your breath after a bowl of out of this world spaghetti and red wine stained kisses. And my bloody God, Florence was romantic. However, I went to Florence for a long weekend to visit one of my closest friends who is living out there at the moment. So, romance for me – not so much.

I arrived into Pisa and got a bus to Santa Maria Novella station. On arriving into Florence over one of the city’s bridges, whilst observing the picturesque scenery that greeted me, I knew, yes this place is for me! It looks like one big film set. I half expected it to all fall down, revealing a backstage crew. As the bus pulled up I grabbed my little suitcase and met my friend and her flatmate. We chatted away, bearly coming up for air, you know what women are like. Hens on speed! The street was filled with people, not to mention the sea of football shirts, the Tottenham match was on that evening. Florence is like nearly all cities, multicultural. I love listening to the mixture of accents; American, German, English and of course Italian all within me having walked about 500metres, a mishmash of culture.

After arriving at the stunning apartment, which has perfect rooftop views. I had an obligatory glass of red wine, unpacked and we headed to a well-known family run restaurant. My friend goes to the British Institute there so 10 of her friends joined us, all from across the world. The restaurant was particularly deceiving, it looked tiny from the outside but it seemed never ending inside. The atmosphere was electric and the food was what Italian food is all about. Not to mention the price, honestly, cheap as chips!!

The following day, while nursing a tender head, the girls showed me some of the places to go to in Florence. The famous squares, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo, which were stunning. We then rewarded ourselves with the best ice cream I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot) at Gelateria Venchi, which is one of the most famous ice cream parlours in the city. If you go have the nougat ice cream! To die for. Afterwards we went to the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. You won’t run out of things to see here, but it’s not a renaissance overload, a really good collection of sculptures, armoury and paintings. It gives you a real sense of Florence’s history. As the sun was beginning to set we trekked up to the highest point in Florence, Piazzale Michaelangelo. Breathtaking and accompanied with a man singing love songs with his guitar. What’s not to love? Take a little picnic and bottle of champagne, you’d gain some serious brownie points!

That night we went to one of the more fancy restaurants in Florence, but I’ve completely forgotten the name. Shame on me. We had a delicious meal and wine to match, the atmosphere again was great and was filled with people from all over the world. I think we were the last people to actually leave the restaurant, that’s how good it was. As our food was going down we walked across the city to meet everyone else at the Westin Excelsior Hotel, which is situated right on the river and has a glass rooftop bar that overlooks the city. The decor was typically Italian, marble floors, deep red cushioned seats, golden sculptures and the friendliest staff. Again, the views were breathtaking.

image image image image image image image image image image

I had a brilliant weekend. I wish I had been able to stay longer but the reality of university started to encroach. Oh the guilt! I can’t recommend Florence enough. If it’s not on your to-do list then it should be. It’s an inexpensive city, you can even walk from one end to the other, no taxis required. The food and wine are, well, I think you know how I feel about them. Again, not expensive, even the cheap wines are good. Unlike in England where a cheap, house wine tastes like malt vinegar. Not to mention the horrendous hangover it gives you the next day. No thanks. There is so much to see and do that you won’t get bored after a long weekend. The only downside is the carbs, I’ve definitely come home a stone heavier, but when in Florence….

Have you guys been to Florence before? Where’s your favourite place in Italy?

Take care,

B x


This is a different kind of goodbye…


2015 has already been, well, I’ve been sat here for a good five minutes trying to think of a word to use and all I can come up with is unpredictable.

There has been tears, tantrums and so much laughter all within a short space of time. The biggest bombshell was saying goodbye to someone who has been such a large part of my life for a long time. As you get older I think goodbyes become more difficult and more common. This goodbye was even more emotional than I expected as there was and is so much history, so much emotion, so many unresolved issues, which is a large part of the reason why I wanted to go. I needed and wanted to say my last few thoughts and feelings on our colourful past together. That is the thing with saying goodbye, people have the permission to grow into their own skin without you, which is a very strange feeling. It makes you want to scream, “No, you can’t carry on without me, please! Don’t go!” But as we know, that’s incredibly selfish. You can’t keep people, they’re not collectables.

Why is it goodbyes seem so romantic and glamorous on the television? One of you won’t be able to let the other one go, so you’ll go to the airport, bunch of flowers in hand, running through the departure gates then you’ll catch each other’s eyes. Burst into tears, embrace and live happily ever after. A Ross and Rachel type scenario. Hmmm, yeah. Likely.

Then the questions popped into my head, can you forgive someone for all the past events that happened if you can’t forget? Can you forgive them
even when they’re leaving? If you were to ask me this a year, a month ago even, I wouldn’t have let you finish the sentence without biting your arm off with a loud and forceful, NO. However, I have now changed my mind. Sometimes it’s the closure you need, for the both of you.

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate, not that I’m even 100% sure that I believe in fate, but you get the idea. If we never veered or challenged our path, we may not fall in love again, have children or even be who we are today, or in the future. I do believe everything happens for a reason, so yes, maybe that is fate? Seasons change, so do cities, so do your memories. People come into your life and some people leave. But I take great comfort in the fact that the ones you love or loved will always leave a mark on your heart; and you will leave a mark on them too. If you’re lucky these loved ones are only a plane ride, text message, Skype, or telephone call away. And if they’re not, there’s usually a good reason for it. Life is a series of letting going moments. You have to start somewhere.

Goodbyes don’t have to mean forever. But that is down to you two.

I still hate goodbyes.

Have you ever had a horrible goodbye? Who were they with?

Take care,

B x

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice!

I always re-read my previous post before writing my new post. I like to think what was happening in my life when I wrote it, where I wrote it, what time of the day etc. and gosh, SO much has changed since my last post. I love that about life, one minute something is so important to you, the next you can barely remember what you were fretting about. However, bittersweet that may be.

Firstly, I’m an Auntie to a beautiful bundle of glitter and fairy dust. She is perfect and delicious, all I want to do is maul her face with kisses all day long. Although, she is the biggest time waster and I photograph her like she’s going out of fashion. Yes, I’m turning into one of those annoying people who wants to show everyone and anyone how cute my niece is. The storage on my phone is running out swiftly! But she’s so worth it. Honestly.

Secondly, I’m back at university for my last, first semester. My dissertation is in full swing and third year is incredible stressful already, but this is what I expected.

There have been so many things over the past two months that I’ve been meaning to blog, from dinners at yummy restaurants such as, The Wolseley, The Caviar House, Benito’s Hat and so on, to my weekend at LFW with my best friend seeing KTZ! I’ve been a rubbish blogger and promise to get better. Starting with my review of Gone Girl, which I’m aiming to finish by Friday as I’m desperate to see the film. Have any of you seen it or read the book? I’ve heard the film is meant to be fantastic.

I hope you’re all well and enjoyed the end of the summer. All those starting their dissertation, good luck! All those who have finished their dissertation or didn’t do one, I’m green with envy.

Take care,
B x

The Aftermath

The initial cocktail of emotion you feel after being broken up with is, to put it nicely – f*cking horrendous. However, I can now confirm, it gets so much better, one hundred percent. Honestly. 

I did follow my own advice (for once) and it seems to have worked. Hold on, don’t get me wrong, I have a wobble now and then. But I think that’s to be expected, and it really highlights how in love I was, which I take solace in. Being in love is potentially the best feeling in the whole world and I loved him so truly and so deeply. I think it’s a rare thing to feel like that, and I did. His loss, his mistake. He’s never going to find anyone else who loves him as much as I did. That my friends, is enough revenge.  

I have the BEST friends in the universe, I’ve received countless presents, chocolates, cards, free drinks on a night-out and overall support. My family have also been amazing, as usual. Surround yourself with people who love you and who care about you, that makes the grieving process so much easier. Pamper yourself, retail therapy is great too. Oh, and go on a massive night-out, alcohol and friends is a perfect combination to ease the pain. Look at the positives in your life, heartbreak is temporary, all these other good things you have are to stay. I know it’s much easier said than done, but you’re going to be okay. Better than okay, I promise. 

Music is also key, my best friend and I have been singing this at the top of our lungs… (oh, and Single Ladies!) Who needs a man when you have best friends?!  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-M1AtrxztU … 

I’ve also been nominated for The Leibster Award, I know how exciting!! I can’t believe people actually read my rants and reviews. Thank you so much, Taken by the Laples for nominating me, I’m like a child on Christmas morning. I’m going to nominate some blogs myself, and answer my questions on my next post, stay tuned! 

Take care, 

B x

Fixing a Broken Heart

This post I thought I would write something more personal than usual, mainly due to the fact that a blog is basically an online diary and I would definitely write this in a diary.

Something we’ve all been through, or are going to go through, sadly. Whether it be with friendships or relationships. Yep, you guessed it, heartbreak. I shan’t give you guys a synopsis of my situation, because it’s immaterial, but I will tell you he was such a huge part of my life and my family’s lives, for nearly three years. Oh, and he ended everything with me, not once, but twice.

So, I thought I’d use this post to give myself and any of you who have faced or who are facing heartbreak some support, advice and home truths. Here goes…

Firstly, he knows what he did is wrong. When he wakes up in the morning and brushes his teeth and looks in the mirror he knows that you didn’t deserve that. I know you probably feel humiliated and led on, things going round your head like ‘How could I have been so stupid?’ ‘Was our whole relationship a lie?’ ‘Was that genuine?’ but he is the one in the wrong.

Secondly, he won’t replace you. In the words of Beyoncé, you’re irreplaceable. He’ll be texting another girl, filling the gaps of when he texted you, to now texting her. But you’ll cross his mind, he’ll wonder if you’re texting someone new, or if you’ve been thinking about him or if it’s making you jealous. He’ll think about you every time he puts his slippers on that you bought him, or that jumper you chose him last Christmas and your perfume will forever be imprinted on his brain.

Thirdly, write in drafts or notes exactly what you wish to send him. Whether you send it or not is up to you (be prepared for the reply though.) Write down how he made you feel, what you wanted from him, how sad, upset, angry you are. Everything! I guarantee it’ll make you feel a tad better, if not extremely emotional. Let them out.

Fourthly, it’s okay to cry. I’ve cried every single day since it all happened. But it helps getting out of bed, going to work, going to university, seeing friends etc. Distractions are key.

Fifthly, stop stalking his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account. It does nothing but cause you pain, so much easier said than done, believe me, I know. Realise that he’s not going to turn up outside your work with a bunch of flowers and a card apologising. No, he isn’t going to text you, it’s your best friend/mother, stop checking your phone every ten minutes. It’s a form of self-harm, stop it now.

Sixthly, don’t underestimate that he feels nothing. You’ve been together and experienced things together that he won’t forget. He might be trying to put those memories on hold, or distracting himself. But when he comes in from work, or in from a night out, when he lays in bed and has his own thoughts, he’ll be reflecting.

Seventhly, don’t jump into anything with anyone else. You will ultimately feel 100 times worse. You need to heal first.

Eighthly, take time to get back to the ‘old’ you and re-find what you like, don’t like. What you are prepared to put up with in a relationship and not.

Ninthly, she will never be you. I know I’ve said that already basically in number two, but I want to stress this point.

Tenthly, time is a healer. There is no rush, don’t pressurise yourself to be ‘fine’ you don’t need to pretend all the time. We’ve all been there, or are going to be there.

These are all so much easier said than done, but don’t let him ruin you. You will find a man who appreciates you, and who deserves you. Be positive! You’re going to be okay, I promise.

Even though I’ve given this advice, I don’t necessarily believe my ex is feeling any of those things. I think he’s probably just erased me from his life, and I don’t think he’s missing me at all. But I’m sure in your cases, your men or women are.

Let me know any of your relationship woes, or your dilemmas, how you coped, anything.

Also, exercise really helps. Releasing those happy endorphins!

Take care,

B x