Everything happens for a reason, right?

“Everything happens for a reason” is one of the most overused phrases in the universe, I’m quite sure. 90% of the people that use it are women, 91% of them are saying it to one of their friends about a guy who has just screwed them over. And 99% of the time it’s being said over a bottle of sauvignon blanc. Am I right? Or am I right?

Yes, I know that’s a huge generalisation, but you get my point. I am kind of contradicting myself as in another one of my blog posts I did write that I believe everything happens for a reason. And I do still sort of agree with my statement. But why does it always seem to be women saying it to each other? The more I experience relationships whether they be my own or through friends or through earwigging females discussing their love lives, the more I realise there is a pattern emerging. So, do we just tell our friends things happen for a reason to make them feel better?  Does it actually make us feel better about ourselves? Do we actually believe what we’re saying?  Personally, I do think things have to fall apart or grow in order for you to see the light, whether it be good or bad. You can’t experience the good without the bad, so it’s the same sort of principle isn’t it? It does make me feel better about myself and usually my rejection by taking solace in the fact that better things are ahead, surely. But it doesn’t take away the what’s wrong with me? I have an excellent personality, why wouldn’t you want to be with me?, mind set.

Just last weekend I was sat in Bills waiting for one of my best friends to arrive for our brunch date, when I was listening to a group of girls discussing last week’s drama. James hadn’t called or messaged Emily back, but had been online on whatsapp and Facebook. Emily was clearly very upset at the fact he hadn’t contacted her. However, as one of her friends said, maybe he’s been busy, maybe he forgot he hadn’t replied, or maybe he’s just not into you? Her other friend came in with the classic line of – maybe it’s just not meant to be!?  I smiled to myself and had severe déjà vu, why are women so bad a letting go, but men seem to slip out the back door without even saying goodbye? Things aren’t meant to last forever, so maybe we invented this way of looking at life to help us let go of things, even if we’re not ready to let go. This notion doesn’t just apply to our love lives but also job opportunities and waiting to buy a top in the Zara sale; if it’s meant to be that blouse will still be there.

As my home girl, Carrie Bradshaw said – “Eventually all the pieces fall into place, until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment me know everything happens for a reason.” 

So next time you feel rejected or disappointed about an outcome, remember you are the prize and everything is a lesson. In the meantime, pour yourself a large Hendrix and tonic and call your girlfriends to arrange a dinner date to mill over the situation.

On another note, I’ve finished university! I cannot believe it. The longest, yet shortest three years of my life. My dissertation goes in next week and then I’m officially a free woman, bar one assignment in for the end of May. On to the next chapter, I wonder what’s in store…

I hope you’re well and have been enjoying the glorious springtime sunshine. I love springtime!

Take care,

B x








When in Florence…

When I think of romance, I immediately think of Italy. Narrow streets, couples riding Vespas, plant pots on Juliett balconies, sharing ice creams and cigarettes, the sweet smell of garlic lingering on your breath after a bowl of out of this world spaghetti and red wine stained kisses. And my bloody God, Florence was romantic. However, I went to Florence for a long weekend to visit one of my closest friends who is living out there at the moment. So, romance for me – not so much.

I arrived into Pisa and got a bus to Santa Maria Novella station. On arriving into Florence over one of the city’s bridges, whilst observing the picturesque scenery that greeted me, I knew, yes this place is for me! It looks like one big film set. I half expected it to all fall down, revealing a backstage crew. As the bus pulled up I grabbed my little suitcase and met my friend and her flatmate. We chatted away, bearly coming up for air, you know what women are like. Hens on speed! The street was filled with people, not to mention the sea of football shirts, the Tottenham match was on that evening. Florence is like nearly all cities, multicultural. I love listening to the mixture of accents; American, German, English and of course Italian all within me having walked about 500metres, a mishmash of culture.

After arriving at the stunning apartment, which has perfect rooftop views. I had an obligatory glass of red wine, unpacked and we headed to a well-known family run restaurant. My friend goes to the British Institute there so 10 of her friends joined us, all from across the world. The restaurant was particularly deceiving, it looked tiny from the outside but it seemed never ending inside. The atmosphere was electric and the food was what Italian food is all about. Not to mention the price, honestly, cheap as chips!!

The following day, while nursing a tender head, the girls showed me some of the places to go to in Florence. The famous squares, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo, which were stunning. We then rewarded ourselves with the best ice cream I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot) at Gelateria Venchi, which is one of the most famous ice cream parlours in the city. If you go have the nougat ice cream! To die for. Afterwards we went to the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. You won’t run out of things to see here, but it’s not a renaissance overload, a really good collection of sculptures, armoury and paintings. It gives you a real sense of Florence’s history. As the sun was beginning to set we trekked up to the highest point in Florence, Piazzale Michaelangelo. Breathtaking and accompanied with a man singing love songs with his guitar. What’s not to love? Take a little picnic and bottle of champagne, you’d gain some serious brownie points!

That night we went to one of the more fancy restaurants in Florence, but I’ve completely forgotten the name. Shame on me. We had a delicious meal and wine to match, the atmosphere again was great and was filled with people from all over the world. I think we were the last people to actually leave the restaurant, that’s how good it was. As our food was going down we walked across the city to meet everyone else at the Westin Excelsior Hotel, which is situated right on the river and has a glass rooftop bar that overlooks the city. The decor was typically Italian, marble floors, deep red cushioned seats, golden sculptures and the friendliest staff. Again, the views were breathtaking.

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I had a brilliant weekend. I wish I had been able to stay longer but the reality of university started to encroach. Oh the guilt! I can’t recommend Florence enough. If it’s not on your to-do list then it should be. It’s an inexpensive city, you can even walk from one end to the other, no taxis required. The food and wine are, well, I think you know how I feel about them. Again, not expensive, even the cheap wines are good. Unlike in England where a cheap, house wine tastes like malt vinegar. Not to mention the horrendous hangover it gives you the next day. No thanks. There is so much to see and do that you won’t get bored after a long weekend. The only downside is the carbs, I’ve definitely come home a stone heavier, but when in Florence….

Have you guys been to Florence before? Where’s your favourite place in Italy?

Take care,

B x